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Is there a IMX7D Sabre board variant which comes with the eMMC5 fitted?

Question asked by Robert White on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by gusarambula

We've recently acquired the IMX7D Sabre board and were disappointed to not be able to test the eMMC5 functionality.

In the quick start guide the eMMC5 footprint is labelled as an eMMC expansion.


Q1. Is there an eMMC expansion or breakout board which can be easily fitted to this? or are we required to organise the placement of the 153 ball VFBGA part ourselves?


Q2. Is there a variant of the sabreboard which can be ordered which comes with the eMMC5 fitted?


Q3. If Q1 is is no. Can you recommend an IMX7D development board which comes with eMMC5 fitted which we could utilise as an alternative to the IMX7D sabreboard?


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