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Question asked by Matej Štabuc on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Kan_Li

I am working for a small company and we are looking into the posibility of implementing RFID tags into our PCBs.


We are currently considering the UCODE 7 in the XSON package.


What we currently do is we tag each PCB we get from our manufacturers with a BARCODE sticker. To eliminate having to stick a sticker 1 by 1 on PCBs we would like to implement the RFID chip in the PCB design so we just have to scan it.


My questions are the following:

Does NXP provide any reference designs for antennas which would enable us to just implement the design into our PCB designs? If no, how difficult will it be to design the antenna and does it require any special knowledge beyond the spectrum of a standard engineer?

How precisely does the RFID chip need to be soldered onto the antenna? Will the standard pick & place technologies be precise enough or does it take higher accuracy when placing as I've read that it is very sensitive and will not work properly if its not soldered very precisely?


Thank you in advance for the answers,