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mixing UART and UART DMA driver KSDK 2.4 ?

Question asked by thomas kopp on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by thomas kopp

Hello everyone,


Is it possible to configure an UART by mixing the UART and UART DMA driver in order to activate DMA only for transfering datas and receiving without DMA ? (with KSDK 2.4). Can someone give an example ? Or should i do it without using KSDK ? If someone did it can he send the code used ?


Also in the UART example it seems that there is only one callback function for both RX and TX ?  Isn't it possible to install callback for RX and TX ? (Replacing of UART_DRV_InstallCallback function in KSDK 1.3).Also now i don't see how to specify that i want an interrupt for every bytes Received. How should i proceed for that ?


Thank you in advance for your answer,