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Android 4.3 WebView bad performance

Question asked by Fan Al on Sep 20, 2018
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We are using custom board with compulab cm-fx6 module(imx6q) and Android 4.3 bsp.


Our application for this board is using WebView component with HERE maps inside. When we have a log of points on the map(514) amination(moving, scrolling) works very slow.


So I wonder if Freescale made any optimization(h/w acceleration) for WebKit(as I understand WebView uses WebKit for rendering in background) for Android 4.3. 


Some additional information:

I read this:

Android Graphic UI with GPU Hardware Acceleration 

And I checked:

1) USE_OPENGL_RENDERER  set as true in my Android build system

2) In our application manifest android:hardwareAccelerated="true"

3) In android developer settings I set FORCE_GPU_RENDERING


I also checked that GPU is busy only on 30% maximum when our apk run(, CPU busy on 40% maximum(busybox top).


From my understanding that means that CPU, GPU have resources to draw WebView better but for some reason optimization is quite poor. 


Could you please give me understanding of the problem. Did Freescale  make  any optimization for Android 4.3 WebKit. May be this optimization there is in Anrdoid 8 WebView component. Or may be there is paid version of Android 4.3 WebKit from freescale?