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Vybrid (vf610) Chip Errata document

Question asked by Łukasz Majewski on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Łukasz Majewski

Dear Community,


I would like to ask if there is a "Chip errata" document for Vybrid (e.g. vf610)?

I'm asking since there are some issues with DMA usage with DSPI controller and also QSPI controller HW issues as pointed out in the Linux kernel code:


(What's more is that there is a bug in  the "IP Command Read" in the Vybrid.) found here:


I've found some Vybrid errata: 

but it seems a bit outdated now. It also doesn't provide information, which I need.


For example - the iMX6Q has a very detailed (and up to date) "Chip Errata" document: