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panid conflic

Question asked by wei ss on Sep 18, 2018
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      I met a panid conflic problem:there is a coordinator and sixty routers plus 5 end device in a same network,.

      The coordinator formed network, and then all the routers and end device joined, a few days later, I can see there is a router send a "network report" message to coordinator, then the coordinator broadcast a "network update" message, this is ok for router,but end device will miss the "network update" message and use the old panid,thus end device communicate with coordinator will fail.

      In the snniffer file, line 41448, shows the "network report" message, and the problem start here. My old panid is 0x0898, after upate, new panid is 0xD76C.


      I use JN-AN-1217-Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device projet, JN-SW-4170 SDK , jn 5169 chip.


      What I want to know is:

1)  Why the router send "network report" message?

2). In JN5169 coordinator, which API handle the "network report " message? which API send the "network update"?

3) Is there is a way to make sure end device receive "network update" message success?

4) How to disable coordinator to broadcast "network update"?