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How To Change Username?

Question asked by nicholas99 on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Adrian Puga Candelario

For privacy reasons I do not want my real full name to be broadcast on the internet. I have turned off my real name from being displayed publicly in the settings but it makes no difference because the default user name is just my full name with no space. During registration this website did not ask me for a username it just automatically assigned it.


I have posted in other topics about this issue looking for help it has been almost 12 months an no replies because it is marked 'assumed answered' or whatever so I am making my own topic. Please help.


Also want to report that the functionality in the edit profile page that says "view profile as" and allows you to see what shows up to public, registered, etc users does not work, it shows my full name and email address even though I'm supposedly viewing my profile as one of several levels which should not have access to those things.