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i.MX6ULL MCLK options for SAI

Question asked by Makoto Kobayashi on Sep 19, 2018
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Please refer to the reference manual of i.MX6ULL( In the page 3126, there's a description about MCLK Select as follows.



NOTE: Depending on the device, some Master Clock options might not be available. See the chip specific
information for the meaning of each option.
00 Master Clock (MCLK) 1 option selected.
01 Master Clock (MCLK) 1 option selected.
10 Master Clock (MCLK) 2 option selected.
11 Master Clock (MCLK) 3 option selected.



Would someone please explain the meaning of each option (1,2,3)?, or please let me know where the chip specific information is?


Thank you very much in advance.


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