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Help needed with MK22FN512VLL12 bring-up...

Question asked by Lee Bedatsky on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

We are using a Kinetics MK22FN512VLL12 MicroController for the first time, on a pcb that we are bringing up.. We cannot connect to the processor's SWD interface. We are using a Segger J-Link adapter for the board bring-up SWD interface... with J-Link Commander software (Windows 10). When connecting to the SWD port using the Segger, there is a light on the J-Link (normally green) that turns orange, and we receive connection errors in the Commander software.

I have attached the log file and schematic for our design.


As an aside, I took a look at the processor RESET-b line with a scope (pin 52, with nothing else connected to it), please see the attached scope shot (2V/div, 10us/div). I am wondering if this could be our issue? Looks like this may be configured as an output of some sort, since I have nothing connected to this line (J-Link removed, etc).  I have also taken the liberty of attaching this scope shot.


 I would very much appreciate any help with this, and thank you in advance for your time.