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MPC5777C Problem with NCF 42, using debugger

Question asked by Maurizio Greco on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by Maurizio Greco


has someone an idea about FCCU reaction using TRACE32 ,when the NCF_42 is active?


In the MPC5777C there is the NCF 42: "Lockstep mode Indication of disabled Checker Core or RCCUs. Fault is cleared by clearing the FCCU channel status,FCCU_NCF_Sn[NCFSm]"


I'm working with FCCU active to react to NCF_42.




When i work on my ECU without TRACE32 (Lauterbach) I don't see any reset action by FCCU.


When i work with TRACE32 (Lauterbach), all is working well until I don't ask "break" on Trace32.

In this case I see the reset action driven by EOUT port of FCCU.


But if I build a new S19 using same code (but in this case keeping disabled NCF 42), all works fine with Lauterbach and also "asking" break on TRACE32.


Where I missing ?


Thanks in advance to all