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K65 EEPROM Clarification and API for using it

Question asked by unknowncoder on Sep 18, 2018
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I have read through the user guide for the MK65FX1M0VMI18 and I having a hard time understanding the EEPROM subsystem. I see the EEPROM uses both the FlexRAM(4KB max) and FlexNVM (256KB max). 
What is the maximum storage capacity of the EEPROM subsystem? As far as I understand it's the size of the FlexNVM which is 256KB.


Is there an easy access API to using the EEPROM, I downloaded the SDK for the K65 but I see no API for using the EEPROM. The only method I see is `FLEXNVM_EepromWrite()`. How do I read data from the EEPROM? Can you provide a thorough example for read/writing from/to the EEPROM, including all the setup code?


Does the built in EEPROM subsystem within the MCU provide wear leavering? The method `FLEXNVM_EepromWrite()` required the caller to pass in a flash address to write to. I am guessing this is the address of FlexNVM that I want to write to. Does it constantly write to that address or does the EEPROM automatically figure out it should write to another address to provide wear leavering? 

Thus the address isn't the real address, isn't a virtual address.

Can you confirm this please?