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s12zvm bootloader

Question asked by Sohyun Jang on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by Diana Batrlova

Hi, I use s12zvm MCU.


And I want to make bootloader.


So, I refer to AN4723 and S12ZVM_Bootloader of AN4723SW.



I need to add the code of AN4723SW.


and compile Erros is occured.


Out of allocation space in segment ROM at address 0xFFFAD8



The original bootloader code's ROM aera is


      ROM           = READ_ONLY   0xFFF800 TO 0xFFFBFF;   // 1K for the bootloader FLASH-ONLY functions. Each 0x200 is 512
      SHADOW_ROM_S  = READ_ONLY   0xFFFC00 TO 0xFFFDFF;   // 512 for funtions that will be copied to RAM


So, I want to increase the area of ROM.


Is it correct to make the following changes?


   ROM           = READ_ONLY   0xFFF600 TO 0xFFFBFF


and I change the code, in main.h


#define FLASH_SECTORS_TO_ERASE 251  /* 256 total - 1 interrupt vector - 4 (2k) for Bootloader = 251. Each sector is 512 bytes */



Do I need to change other code too?


thank you.