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multiple flash on flexSPI

Question asked by ranshalit on Sep 17, 2018



Using flesSPI with multiple flash (each with its own CS), the memory region for each flash is determined according to flash size values as written in flexSPI registers.


When using multiple flash with MCUXpresso, is this relation between size/cs/memory-map done automatically as part of MCUXpresso support of the flash drivers , I mean, is it that all we need is to set the correct address and flash drivers for each region ?


I am also not sure about the following: the memory map with flexSPI has 2 modes, and so the relation between memory region and flash is different depending on the mode we are using (section 30.7.5 Flash memory map in individual and parallel mode is as following in imx RT 1050)

Is it that MCUXpress only use individual  mode ?


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