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lpc2388 interrupt is not working

Question asked by Mohammad Faizan on Sep 17, 2018
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I am working on RTC, I am getting a difference of 3 second, so i try to calibrate the RTC time, I had generate the 1Hz clock using a timer0, Interrupt Subroutine  is called when Timer Tick is equal to Match register value, code is working fine on simulator but not on my board,  code without interrupt  works fine on board.


Routine code 

__irq void myTimer0_ISR (void) 
   long int regval;
   regval = T0IR;
   // RTC_Time set_time;   
   RTC_SEC = RTC_SEC - 3;
   T0IR = ( T0IR | (0x01) );
   VICVectAddr  = 0x00;




   // RTC_Get_Time();
   VICVectAddr4 = (unsigned) myTimer0_ISR;
   VICVectCntl4 = 0x00000024;
   VICIntEnable = 0x00000010;
   VICIntSelect = 0x00000000;

   //T0TCR = 0X00;

What I missed here, Please suggest.

Thanks & regards