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CLRC663 sending commands (43h)

Question asked by Jonathan Frech on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by Jonathan Frech

I'm trying to send a specific list of commans to a 14443 contactless card


the sequence is the following ( > means that this would be the adequate response)


> 50h,00h,57h,CDh      (no response requested, timeout == OK)
>40h (7-bit)

<A    (getting: A)

>43h (8-bit)

<A    (getttin nothing)


I did check the status registers, they go from 011b (Transmitting) to 110b (Wait for data), and stay there (or if the code is terminated by timeout).

To make sure, the card is fine, i tried the same with the RC552 IC, and there the response is "A" as requested.


What could be the problem?


I notices that "IdleIRQ" does say:


Set, when a command terminates by itself e.g. when the Command
changes its value from any command to the Idle command. If an unknown
command is started, the Command changes its content to the idle state and
the bit IdleIRQ is set. Starting the Idle command by the Controller does not
set bit IdleIRQ.

Is it possible that 0x43 is falsely detected as "unknown" and something does stop?, If yes, is there a way to disable this check, because the 0x43 is send on purpose?