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H264 video recording on S32V234 board

Question asked by Jayasimha Rao on Sep 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by 鹏 包

Hello All,


     I am working on an automotive video analysis application on a S32V234 board. The set up uses 4 ov10635 cameras.

I have been trying to record videos from the setup to perform offline processing, however I have hit a wall. These are the things I have already tried:

1. cv::VideoWriter, very slow, not useful to capture videos > 3-4 fps.

2. Using libs/utils/h264encoder. Slightly faster than cv::VideoWriter, but still takes 150-200ms per frame per camera.


My target is to record at 30fps for all four cameras simultaneously. If this is unreasonable, I am fine with single camera at 30fps. I tried to port the h264enc example for sony cameras to work with ov10635, but got stuck with missing IPUs and undefined references.


If someone has tried to use the h264 encoder for non-sony cameras, please help me out.


Thanks in Advance,