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hyperFlash write access

Question asked by ranshalit on Sep 15, 2018
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I would please like to ask about hyperFlash example (evkmimxrt1050_flexspi_hyper_flash_polling_transfer):


In the example, I see the following parts:

1. hyperFlash initialization

2. hyperFlash write of page

3. hyperFlash read of page

4. compare the read and write contents.


I had assumed that flexSPI interface only needs to be initialized (There is LUT for read and write command) , and then can be accessed by direct read/write from the absolute address (where the device is mapped to).


Yet, I see that the write functionality is done through wrappers:

flexspi_nor_flash_page_program -> FLEXSPI_TransferBlocking -> FLEXSPI_WriteBlocking

The read is done by direct access to address, is expected.


Can someone explain why the write must use this wrappers ?


Thank you,