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Issue with creating bootable image for RT1050

Question asked by Bin Zhang on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Jay Heng

Hello All,


I'm using Keil IDE to build code to execute from the hyperflash on the RT1050 EVKB. When I load the code onto flash and run in the Keil debugger, everything works fine. And when I close the debugger and power cycle the board, code still executes successfully from flash.


Now I'm trying to build a bootable image and use the MFGTool to load code onto the H-flash. I'm running into issues. Here's steps I followed:


1. Creating a s-record file with the .axf generated by Keil (test.axf and test.srec attached):

      "fromelf --m32combined --output=test.srec test.axf"


2. Creating binary file with elftosb:

      "elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c -o test.bin test.srec"


The output test.bin only has 0 bytes. However if I use the led demo in the example images of the FlashLoader, I can generate a .bin file successfully. 


Can anybody help me figure out what the problem is? Many thanks in advance.