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I.MX53 thermal cycle failure debugging tools

Question asked by Oleh Kernytskyy on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Yuri Muhin

We are investigating iMX53 system failures during thermal cycle test (-20C, +60C), and the most common failure symptom - CPU stocked and unable to boot up. We want to determine at which point it stopped working, what may cause it, and we hope that JTAG will help.

Which JTAG debugger (Model, Manufacturer, Part Number) can we use for it and why?

It seems that NXP does not offer JTAG debugger for i.MX systems. 

We have BDI-3000, but it is not supported anymore and may require i.MX module that we don't have.

We also have SEGGER ARM JTAG flesher, but it seems that it is intended for programming only.

Please advise.