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Init core register e200z7

Question asked by Maurizio Greco on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Maurizio Greco

Hi , 

has someone an example for the complete init of internal register e200z7?


I found in the AN4939.pdf initializzation for e200z4 core, but we are working on e200z7.


This is the sample for ez200z4 found into AN:

e_li r11, 0
e_li r12, 0
e_li r13, 0
e_li r14, 0
e_li r15, 0
e_li r16, 0
e_li r17, 0
e_li r18, 0
e_li r19, 0
e_li r20, 0
e_li r21, 0
e_li r22, 0
e_li r23, 0
e_li r24, 0
e_li r25, 0
e_li r26, 0
e_li r27, 0
e_li r28, 0
e_li r29, 0
e_li r30, 0
e_li r31, 0
# Init any other CPU register which might be stacked (before being used).
mtspr 1, r1 # XER
mtcrf 0xFF, r1
mtspr CTR, r1
mtspr SPRG0, r1
mtspr SPRG1, r1
mtspr SPRG2, r1
mtspr SPRG3, r1
mtspr SRR0, r1
mtspr SRR1, r1
mtspr CSRR0, r1
mtspr CSRR1, r1
mtspr MCSRR0, r1
mtspr MCSRR1, r1
mtspr DEAR, r1
mtspr IVPR, r1

mtspr USPRG0, r1
mtspr 62, r1 # ESR
mtspr 8,r31


but in the e200z7 there are many other register. I'm not expert about assembly set and I dont' find how init also SPRG4-SPRG9.

The simple extension 

mtspr SPRG4, r1
mtspr SPRG5, r1
mtspr SPRG6, r1
mtspr SPRG7, r1

mtspr SPRG8, r1

mtspr SPRG9, r1

doesn't works!!



Can you help me?

Thanks in advance for support.