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MPC5645S Bootloader Issue

Question asked by Werner Zeller on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Werner Zeller

Hi all,


our application will exceed the 2 MB limit of the internal flash in the near future, so I am working on a solution to run the code from external DRAM. We have already a project-specific bootloader which does update stuff and so on. This bootloader is stored and executed in internal flash and started via BAM. The application currently resides also in internal flash and is started by the bootloader by a soft reset triggered via RGM. If the startup code of the bootloader detects a "soft reset" condition in the RGM registers it branches via a simple function pointer pointing to the entry point of the application, e.g. something like

  ((void (*)(void)) 0x00001234)();

Everything works quite well so far.  I have tried to adopt the bootloader like follows:


1. The application was linked to be executed from DRAM, entry point is now 0x2F80.0600. The binary seems to be correct, I have checked it via  map file and disassembly.

2. The bootloader initializes the DRAMC and QSPI with all necessary prerequisites like pad config, clocking and MMU stuff. The 'execute' permissions are set for the full DRAM memory space.

2. The bootloader copies the complete application image from ext. flash to ext. DRAM. This works also as expected, the application image in flash is 'signed' with a CRC which is verified in DRAM after the copying.

3. The bootloader branches to the entry point of the application via a simple function pointer:

((void (*)(void)) 0x2F800600)();

This fails.

Single stepping through the disassembly in the CodeWarrior debugger shows that the branch seems to be correct:


212                   (appEntryPoint)( );
00014a7a:   se_mtar r12,r3
00014a7c:   mtctr r12
00014a80:   se_bctrl


The CTR register contains the expected address, namely 0x2F80.0600.

However the PC points to 0x2F80.2FF0 after the se_bctrl  was executed and the CPU starts executing from this address which fails after a few instructions, because 0x2F80.2FF0 is not a valid instuction address.

I haven't seen any information about CPU execeptions in the SPR after the branch.


Any ideas ?


Thanks a lot,