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What is the right way to run weston

Question asked by Kuzmin Alexey on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Joan Xie

I just build wayland image for IMX6QP evaluation board, put weston.ini file and try to run weston.

But it black screen and following error. What to do?


root@imx6qpsabresd:~# weston
Date: 2018-09-05 UTC
[17:01:56.899] weston 1.11.0
               Bug reports to:
               Build: 1.10.93-2-g2d825ed bump to version 1.11.0 for the official release (2016-05-31 17:10:40 -0700)
[17:01:56.900] OS: Linux, 4.9.11-1.0.0+gc27010d, #10 SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 7 16:46:00 MSK 2018, armv7l
[17:01:56.901] Using config file '/home/root/.config/weston.ini'
[17:01:56.902] Output repaint window is 7 ms maximum.
[17:01:56.902] Loading module '/usr/lib/weston/'
[17:01:56.933] initializing fbdev backend
[17:01:56.934] logind: failed to get session seat
[17:01:56.934] logind: cannot setup systemd-logind helper (-61), using legacy fallback
[17:01:56.935] <stdin> not a vt
[17:01:56.935] if running weston from ssh, use --tty to specify a tty
[17:01:56.935] fatal: fbdev backend should be run using weston-launch binary or as root
[17:01:56.935] fatal: failed to create compositor backend