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K64 FreeRTOS + USB CDC using MCUXpresso/SDK

Question asked by Kenny Koller on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by Kenny Koller

A few years ago I developed an application using MQX with the K64 and it was a good experience. Recently I was asked to work on a different project and it used this setup but installing the tools and using the older version of KDS was quite painful (at least on a Mac) due to the lack of continuing support of MQX.


Now I'd like to use K64 with FreeRTOS and USB but I believe that MCUXpresso only has a driver for a baremetal implementation i.e. no RTOS. I don't understand USB at a low level but I suspect that there are real-time needs such as timeouts so using the baremetal with an RTOS will not be sufficient.


Maybe I'm incorrect and there is a FreeRTOS port. Recommendations?