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MC68HC16Z1 behavior in LPSTOP

Question asked by phil74 Employee on Sep 12, 2018
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My customer (Schneider) would like to get confirmation about MC68HC16Z1 spec and behavior in LPSTOP mode.

Can you help and confirm the following :


1/ During LPSTOP mode, the SIM is the only module that is still alive and is the only wakeup source with IRQ and PIT, or can some other modules (like GPT) wake up the MCU, depending of individual STOP bits in each module (ex : STOP bit in GPTMCR register) ?


2/ Assuming IC1 pin (GPT) is configured to generate an interrupt on edge.

While the MCU is  in LPSTOP mode, IC1 pin toggles once.

At wakeup, does the MCU will go to interrupt due to IC1 toggling during LPSTOP ?


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