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[mcf5484czp200] How do i map the alphanumeric pin data in BSDL file of mcf5484czp200 to numeric pin data of same uC?

Question asked by Mohit Kumar on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by Fang Li

I am using Coldfire uC with reference Manufacturer No. MCF5484CZP200. The Pins of this uC are alphanumeric in BSDL file found in the internet.
For Boundary scanning purpose,I have to map this BSDL file to other file which contains only numeric pin numbers for the same uC. Now there is No sequential mapping of numeric and alphanumeric numbers & no logical pattern is seen in the mapping. 
E.g. - A2 pin(in bsdl) mapped to 152 pin(in netlist)
A3 pin(in bsdl) mapped to 174 pin(in netlist)
D2 pin(in bsdl) mapped to 175 pin(in netlist)
N2 pin(in bsdl) mapped to 179 pin(in netlist) etc.



Manually mapping is very cumbersome & time taking since many fpga and IC are used and each is having 600+ pins.

Is there any method to map numeric and alphanumeric numbers?