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iMX8M Video record performance issue

Question asked by Jimmy Su on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by igorpadykov


I am using OV5640 with iMX8M on Linux OS.

I tried to record video and found some issues.

1. there is no HW encoder:

It will cause the performance issue.

I dump encoder with following command.

#gst-inspect-1.0 | grep enc
y4menc: y4menc: YUV4MPEG video encoder
webp: webpenc: WEBP image encoder
adpcmenc: adpcmenc: ADPCM encoder
wavenc: wavenc: WAV audio muxer
alaw: alawenc: A Law audio encoder
sbc: sbcenc: Bluetooth SBC audio encoder
mulaw: mulawenc: Mu Law audio encoder
png: pngenc: PNG image encoder
speex: speexenc: Speex audio encoder
removesilence: removesilence: RemoveSilence
pnm: pnmenc: PNM image encoder
subenc: srtenc: Srt encoder
subenc: webvttenc: WebVTT encoder
bz2: bz2enc: BZ2 encoder
audiovisualizers: spectrascope: Frequency spectrum scope
encoding: encodebin: Encoder Bin
flac: flacenc: FLAC audio encoder
coretracers: latency (GstTracerFactory)
siren: sirenenc: Siren Encoder element
vorbis: vorbisenc: Vorbis audio encoder
jpeg: jpegenc: JPEG image encoder
theora: theoraenc: Theora video encoder
dtls: dtlsenc: DTLS Encoder
dtls: dtlssrtpenc: DTLS-SRTP Encoder


I can't see any hw encoder, like h264 or h263.


2. I found the record task will switch out.

it will cause the record is not continuous. (you can check the attached video)

is there any suggestion to solve this problem?