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Censorship word MPC56XX, locked out

Question asked by rick_moranis on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by David Tosenovjan

I'm trying to program a censorship word for the MPC56XX but I'm getting locked out. Ideally I would like to set a password(and not be locked out ). I'm using PROGPPCNEXUS and a JTAG device. 


I'm looking at this diagram 




Lets say I have the default password programmed: FEEDFACECAFEBEEF


And I have the censorship and serial boot set as so: 0xAA5555AA (Censorship word != 0x55AA and serial boot control == 0x55AA)


I would think that this would make it so it censors the device unless I give it the correct password(FEEDFACECAFEBEEF). However, it looks like I'm just completely locked out. 


I'm confused what the BOOTCFG pertains to, especially since my MCU only has one BOOTCFG pin. I've tried pulling it high but it doesn't seem to do anything, still locked out. 


Any help?