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Not accurate temperature readings on iMX6ULL Evaluation Kit

Question asked by Alex Alex on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Alex Alex


I did some temperature testing of the NXP Evaluation Kit for iMX6ULL, using your provided Linux BSP :

Temperature Tested : - Room temperature : 24°C

                                    - CPU - idle surface readings: 33.5°C ;

                                    - SOC temperature - idle mode: 47°C;

                                    - Power consumption of the CPU : 0.464 V;

Can you tell me why is this big difference between the CPU - idle surface readings and the SOC temperature - idle mode (Delta: 13°C) and if the SOC temperature - idle mode readings are correct, why is the SOC temperature so high (47°C) if the power usage is just 0.464V?