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PNEV5180B V2.0 using NFC Cockpit to disable DPC

Question asked by Luke Paul on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by IvanRuiz

I am using the PNEV5180B V2.0 development board with the OM29263ADK resonator. The quick start guide for OM29263ADK (UM11098) says that when replacing the default PNEV5180 antenna (OWRPNEV5180) with the OM29263ADK, 2 things need to be done to ensure proper operation of the resonator.


So the first think I did was replace R314 and R310 with 68pF on the main PNEV5180 board.The second part is where I am having trouble. It says that the DPC and related features should be disabled, however it doesn't seem that the NFC Cockpit GUI is accessing the correct register to set the enable/disable bit 0 for the DPC_CONTROL register. The correct register address according to the PN5180 datasheet is 0x59 for DPC_CONTROL, but the GUI is showing register address 0x27. The bits are also named incorrectly according to the DPC_CONTROL register.



My question is this. With the NFC Cockpit GUI, how do I go about disabling the DPC and its "related features?"


Thanks in advanced!