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copy image to ram and start

Question asked by ranshalit on Sep 10, 2018
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We start to use imxRT 1050, MCUExpresso, freeRTOS, with a memory unit for boot , not sure yet exactly which hyperFlash, qspi, or spi nor flash, (it shall be decided according to the answers), but it is required that the application shall copy itself to RAM and starts running from RAM.

  • Is it possible ?  Is it required that it shall be non-xip application only or can  it do the copy somehow in software from the flash memory to RAM ?

I read carefully AN12107, "How to Enable Boot from Octal SPI Flash and SD Card", yet still not sure: 

  • Which of the examples in the document refers to non-xip image ? 
  • Why example for "3.6. MFG boot from Hyper Flash with DCD for SDRAM" uses offset 0x400 (which is used for non-xip) ?

I see that linked file <name>.icf contains:

  1. interrupt_start/end
  2. text_start/end
  3. data_start/end
  4. data2_start/end

But it is not explained what the meaning of each of this values:

  • what's the difference between data_start and data2_start?
  • Where are these values writting inside IVT , for example there is "entry" in vit which I assume equals to text_start, but where is data_start and data2_start in IVT ?



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