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MC9S08QD2 different timing in test and production

Question asked by Marion Mees on Sep 10, 2018
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I have a problem with my software timing. I've got a PCB with the MC9S08QD2. For developping the software for this I reprogrammed the device with P&E Cyclone Pro.

Now the PCBs are programmed for serial production by an external supplier and we found that the timing doesn't fit any more, the processor works  slower. 

I don't understand this behaviour because in the main the internal clock is initialized with 

ICSC1 = 0x07;

ICSC2 = 0xC0;

TPMSC = 0x4F;

TPMMOD = 0x0005;

Is there any possibility to overwrite this by programming? 

Is there any configuration I should keep in mind? 


Thanks for your help,