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K81 execution fails with UART attached

Question asked by Denis Collis on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

My K81 project firmware communicates to a PC-hosted application via LPUART2 through an FTDI USB-to-Serial_TTL cable.

If I run in debug - i.e. Segger J-Link attached and under control of MCUXpresso's debug environment - with or without the serial cable attached, then everything works.

If I reset the K81 board with the serial cable DETACHED, then everything works.  If I attach the serial cable while the board is running, then everything continues to work.

But...   ...If I reset the K81 board with the serial cable ATTACHED, the K81 is usually unresponsive, but occasionally works.

Note: No semi-hosting (using libcr_nohost_nf.a) 

Any ideas on how to track and solve this problem?