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TCP/IP Application for FreeRTOS for M4 core on i.MX8QXP

Question asked by ajmalali on Sep 10, 2018
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I am trying to develop a TCP/IP application for receiving data from an external PC to the FreeRTOS on the M4 core of the iMX8QXP EVM. I am using the 2.3 SDK (SDK_2.3_MEK-MIMX8QX_M4_Beta_Linux .run) for the development. I was successfully able to run the “lwip_tcpecho”  demo app from the SDK. However, it was noted that the application does not work when I have anything in the A35 core (even only U-boot). Also, in the readme for the application, it is specified as “Please note this application can't support running with Linux BSP!”.


How can I use the TCP/IP for receiving data, when I am using Linux on A35 core? What changes should I make in the current example?