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zigbee trust centre link key in app.zpcfg

Question asked by layengchan on Sep 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez


I have a few questions on trust centre link key and app.zpcfg. I am using the app.zpcfg of JN-AN-1217,  JN-AN-1218. and JN-AN-1189. The reason for doing so is because I am using the coordinator of JN-AN-1217 and using the dimmablelight of JN-AN-1218 and remote control and occupancy sensor of JN-AN-118

1. Is there a detailed user manual on the different inputs possible in the app.zpcfg file and how to use it? Chap 12 of JN-UG-3113 is not helpful enough.

2. I have doubts on how to use trust centre link key. JN-AN-1217 don't have trust centre in coordinator. JN-AN-1218 has but the device table size is 0. JN-AN-1189 has the below trust centre with table size 37. What is the significance of the table size. There is normally only one link key so I don't understand why table size is 0 or 37. Also how to use it. I try to understand JN-UG-3113 chap 11.7.8 and 11.7.9 . It says they are related. I think chap 11.7.8 is referring to APS Key Table. Please confirm. But when I examine the 3 app.zpcfg, there is no entry in the APS Key Table. Please help me to understand how to use the Trust Centre in the code. It is related to the initial network key in the nodes. Sometimes the initial key in the nodes (eg router or dimmable light) is left blank and sometimes it has Preconfigured Trust Centre Link Key. 


Looking forward to NXP for clarification. Thank you