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How to use cosmic funnction "Moveable Code'' - DP512

Discussion created by Guoqiang Yang on Dec 1, 2008
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I am going to use "Moveable Code" function. My .lkf like is following by following the cx6812_user_guide:
#+seg .text  -b 0x2000 -o 0x2000 -m 0x2000 -n .ram_code
+seg .text  -b 0x2000 -n .ram_code -ic

+seg .const -b  __FLASH_3F_START_PHY -o __FLASH_3F_START_LOG -m __FLASH_3F_SIZE -n .const_3F  -sCODE
+seg .text -a  .const_3F -n .program_3F -sCODE

However there is an error message:
#error clnk D:\control_code\CANBoot_DP512_cosmic\SW_BootLoad_lkf.lkf:101 D:\control_code\CANBoot_DP512_cosmic\canloader.o: symbol _Enter_CANLoader multiply defined (D:\control_code\CANBoot_DP512_cosmic\canloader.o)

What is wrong with it?
Can anyone help me with an example?

Can anyone give me an example to use the function '_fctcpy'?


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