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running gstreamer without a v4l2 device on ARM dual-core

Question asked by Mihaita Ivascu on Sep 7, 2018



    I would like to run gstreamer to create a video streaming application but I do not use a v4l2 camera or other device.

Instead I have running  a FreeRTOS on the other core and there the frames are copied in the memory. Because the camera is controlled and configured from that core.

    I have a shared memory pool between the 2 cores and would like to fetch the frames from the memory using a char device driver and then have a gstreamer app running on top of it. The first core runs an embedded Linux and the second a FreeRTOS.


   Is this a feasible scenario?

   I have came across this v4l2 plugin for mem-to-mem transfers:

GitHub - igel-oss/v4l-gst: A v4l plugin to bridge V4L2 APIs and GStreamer 


   Does anybody has experience with this approach?