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LPC54018 & Baseboard Serial Port issue

Question asked by Bruce Boettjer on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by Bruce Boettjer

I have been working with the LPC54018 and the LPC Treadstone baseboard.


When we first received the baseboard and mounted the LPC54018 module to it, the UART functionality over USB worked (From the motherboard).

As soon as we compiled the AWS IOT OS and tried to debug with the baseboard, we learned that we had to update the firmware on the baseboard in order to connect and proceed.

When we used the NXP tool (LCT_Programming_Firmware) to update the baseboard firmware, we are able to then debug and see activity on the AWS IOT console (Verifying that we connect wirelessly to the Amazon servers), but we are now unable to see any console activity over the same UART.


... This makes itreally difficult to develop any applications with this hardware.


Is a way to be able to both develop with AWS IOT and get a serial console from the motherboard?