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lx2160 dpdk 17.11.2 dpaa2 rte_mbuf hash always zero

Question asked by Christopher Nardone on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by Yiping Wang

I have found while testing with dpdk 17.11.2 on the lx2160 that the hash field of the rte_mbuf is always zero.

It appears from the dpdk source that the value is not set in the dpaa2 driver but is in the dpaa driver.

The files I am referring to are
There is also this piece of code that I could use some clarification on in



/* Enabling hash results in FD requires setting DPNI_FLCTYPE_HASH in
* dpni_set_offload API. Setting this FLCTYPE for DPNI sets the FD[SC]
* to 0 for LS2 in the hardware thus disabling data/annotation
* stashing. For LX2 this is fixed in hardware and thus hash result and
* parse results can be received in FD using this option.
if (dpaa2_svr_family == SVR_LX2160A) {
ret = dpni_set_offload(dpni, CMD_PRI_LOW, priv->token,
if (ret) {
DPAA2_PMD_ERR("Error setting FLCTYPE: Err = %d", ret);
return ret;