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Connection of ONOFF pin when no backup supply provided in i.MX6D

Question asked by Dhvanish Parekh on Sep 9, 2018
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In my design, I am using i.MX6DualLite processor. In this we are not providing any type of backup supply (no coin cell added) to SNVS pin other than the main power source through PMIC.


I have read about the functionality of ONOFF pin and found that it will be more useful when main supply or PMIC is OFF and SNVS is backed with coin cell and need to power cycle the boards.


In my scenario, do I connect a switch directly with ONOFF without any external pull-up / power-on sequence circuit provided? (is it necessary to always provide a 750ms low pulse on ONOFF for proper power cycle?).


Kindly provide your input and help me with the connection required to be done for ONOFF pin.



Dhvanish Parekh