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Question asked by Noe-Jean Caramelli on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by Lisette Paulina Lozano Gomez


About the MP3H6115A absolute pressure sensor, the datasheet states Weather station as a typical application for this sensor.


My questions:

1] What is the lifespan/MTBF when the sensor is used in outdoors applications as a Weather station ? We aim to reach AT LEAST a 5-years lifespan in our product, is that OK?


2] Is this sensor subject to dampness/corrosion/oxidization? In particular:

   a] Does this sensor should be protected against such damages?

   b] If yes, that are your recommendations to do that?

   c] Is a filter cap (PTFE) exist to protect this sensor of damp?

   d] Or is there a reference of this sensor with an integrated filter cap on the hole of the sensitive part of the sensor?


3] Do you have any expertise/experience about long term effects of outdoors environments on our sensor?


FYI the sensor we're implementing on our products is the one shown on the picture and we worry about using it in some of our outdoor sensors without protection against damp.


Thanks in advance for your answers!