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Uploading encrypted data to Cloud from Kinetics(k64F) using A71ch

Question asked by Niranjan ravi on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Niranjan ravi

Hi. I am a newbie to A71ch security IC.


I have a data (about 10 bytes) in my kinetics(K64F) board. 


I have attached the A71CH board to it. I want to encrypt this 10 bytes of data and send from my k64F to cloud/another k64F board with A71ch/another Kinetics board.


I could see A71ch has provision for private keys, public keys, and general purpose storage. I ran the example of the A71ch_configure tool and read the documentation as well.


The real question which arises now is :

How does A71ch which is attached to a kinetic board(64F) actually work? Does it just exchange the keys between server and client or actually sends the encrypted data from the client (A71ch with FRDM) to the cloud [This is what I wanted to do].

{Should I save my 10 bytes of data in general purpose storage of A71ch and then upload? if so? how to proceed on this? Quite confused}


I cannot find any example regarding this. It would be great if someone could show me some pointers on this or the necessary steps to follow. Should I be doing the modification of the code in MCU expresso or the visual studio? I am not quite clear with the documentation understanding here.


My research is dependent on this. It would be great if someone could help me with this.

 Thanks in advance.#


Niranjan Jordi Jofre Mk Kan Li