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program and debug i.MX RT1050 series from the command line

Question asked by Brett Nicholas on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Jay Heng

I'm trying to setup an IDE-agnostic and open source toolchain for development on the i.MX RT1050. We will start to develop using simulation and then move to the dev board (with the onboard debugger). After a few months, we will have the chip on a custom PCB and will need to have full debug support via SWD. We already have a CMSIS-DAP compliant debugger (ULINK-2)


We have a number of different developers and do not want to restrict them to a specific IDE. We want to have a makefile-driven workflow that works just as well under an IDE like eclipse as it does driving directly from the command line.


What is the simplest way to flash and debug the RT1050 without depending on MCUXpresso?


It was super simple to setup a build environment for the STM32F4, however doing so for the RT1050 series seems less well documented..... it doesn't appear that NXP provides openOCD support for the RT1050 so are there any other ways to load code onto the chip and attach a gdb server?