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Using i.MX535 1.2GHz part in 1.0GHz system

Question asked by 内木場 晋吾 on Sep 4, 2018
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My customer is purchasing and using MCIMX535DVV1CR2 (1GHz operation) in their system, in production.

On the other hand, they have some stocks of MCIMX535DVV2C parts. They want to use the stocks.


Can they use MCIMX535DVV2C in their system, by just mounting DVV2C device and without any modification

on their PCB ?   

It means that they want to use DVV2C device operating at 1GHz as they are using DVV1C, not at 1.2GHz.  


If there is anything they need to take care of, please let me know and advise. 


Thank you in advance for your help. 


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