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LPCXpresso845-MAX board Can't use ISP mode Reprogram

Question asked by xiangchang mo on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by xiangchang mo

    LPCXpresso845-MAX board boot reset and pull down ISP(PIO0_12) pin, always press ISP KEY, MCU will into ISP mode,and then use nxp's Flash Magic tools for lpc845 MCU reprogramming. 

    I read FAIM word 0 and found that there was no problem, I also tried using CRT to send the 0x3f command to LPC845 in ISP mode, but still didn't get a reply from mcu. the mcu running is SDK's example code.

    In the same way, I've successfully programmed on the LPC824 life development board, but LPCXpresso845-MAX board just can't program in ISP mode, I don't know why?