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Why frdm-kw019032 always reset and the bin file can not drag-and-drop

Question asked by Wenshuai Lu on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2018 by Wenshuai Lu

Hello, I am new starting with FRDM-KW019032 board, and I have succeeded following the file "SMAC_QUICK_START_GUIDE" to debug the board with IAR 7.80.4 in win10.  But I have two trouble as followed:


1. Although I can Download and Debug a smac_connectivity_test demo code with IAR, I found if the board is reset or re-powered, the code I just download is gone, and no software run on it.  How can I permanently flash the code to the board? 


2. If I just want to flash a binary file to the board, for example  "frdmkw01_connectivity_test_eu.bin", the manual says " by simply dragging and dropping the binary image in the mass storage drive", but when I drop the file to MBED drive, the board seems to disconnect and restart, the transmitting was interrupted.  Why?


Thank you so much !