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MPC5777c eTPU Debugger Selection

Question asked by Luke Zhang on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Reinhard Weiss



I'm a newer to the MPC5777c chips and my project highly depends on their eTPU 2+ functionality. Now I need to choose a proper debugger for it. My choice is between lauterbach JTAG and lauterbach NEXUS, but I'm preferred to use JTAG since I don't quite need all NEXUS's advanced features and it costs more. So I've found that lauterbach JTAG LA-3500 seems to be the right one and it do states that it supports this chip and includes an eTPU debugger. But in the MPC5777C reference manual, the eTPU Chapter, it states "User debugs eTPU code, accessing special Trace/Debug features via Nexus interface" and doesn't mention JTAG at all. So I'm wondering which version I should trust and to go with?