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PTN3356 reference design

Question asked by Masahiro Kiniwa on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by G.w. Sun



I checked PTN3356 reference design in data sheet and application note(AN11590).

And I have two questions about their reference design as below.


1. In Fig4 of the data sheet, VDD_3V3 and GND are connected by FB. But they are not used in Fig5.

- Are they OPTION DESIGN as ESD protection and PI filter?

- Are they necessary only for DC to DC converter mode?  



2. In Fig4 and 5, VBUCK_1V5 is connected to GND by 4.7uF capacitor.

    I think that it is smoothing capacitor for SWOUT.

    Is it necessary for LDO mode? If it's necessary to both mode, could you tell me the purpose of it?


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