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Flash programming & bootloader

Question asked by ranshalit on Sep 2, 2018
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I've downloaded SDK and reviewed documentation, yet I didn't find any mention of flash programming or bootloader.


I understand that it is possible to load application using debugger, but does it mean it also program flash ? If not - what's the solution for flash programming ?

Should we use flashloader tool in SW section of MCU ? (mfgtool )

I read that it download the flasher serially and then starts, but actually we need the flasher to run from flash without any download. Is it possible or described how to do it ?


I've also started also to read manufacture tool documentation, but I am unsure where to find the following files:

" Program Image to Flash using MfgTool
Here are the steps to program boot image into Flash device
1. Copy the file, ivt_flashloader_signed.bin and to
“<mfgtool_root_dir>/Profiles/MXRT105X/OS Firmware” folder



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