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rtos folder is missing in SDK ?

Question asked by ranshalit on Sep 1, 2018
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I downloaded SDK_2.4.2_MIMXRT1051xxxxB but I don't find rtos folder or freeRTOS example as described in documentation.


" .......

2 MCUXpresso SDK Board Support Folders MCUXpressoSDK board support provides example applications for NXP development and evaluation boards for ARM® Cortex®-M cores, including Freedom, Tower System, and LPCXpresso boards. ... These include (but are not limited to): • cmsis_driver_examples: ......rtos_examples: Basic FreeRTOSTM OS examples showcasing the use of various RTOS objects (semaphores, queues, and so on) and interfacing with the MCUXpresso SDK’s RTOS drivers • ...............

For examples containing an RTOS, there are references to the appropriate source code. RTOSes are in the rtos folder."


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