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iMX7S and iMX7D pin mux tool

Question asked by Andrea Pastega on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by gusarambula


I'm trying to access pin mux information for iMX7S and iMX7D.

What I need is just a table with bga ball, pin name and all possible alternates on a row.

As I don't find anything like this in the datasheet nor on separate file on the website, I suppose I would have to use the iMX Pin Mux tool to generate it.

I downloaded and installed Pins_Tool_for_i.MX_Processors_v4.1_x64.exe, I successfully started it.

The problem is that it just include an iMX6 processor, so it is not useful.

I read that the tool tries to download the data from NXP servers, however for a strict company policy we don't have internet access on the workstations at all.

It worth telling that the tool is described in the download page as "OFFLINE", but it isn't actually.

I suppose it would be possible to copy a file somewhere to obtain full offline database.


Somebody could point me to a complete database file?